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Welcome to OZ™.

Join us in OZ™, home to unique outdoor, cultural, and art
experiences in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.



OZ Brands is a community brand group dedicated to promoting unique outdoor, cultural, and art experiences in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.

Fly OZ

FLY OZ™ showcases the beauty recreational aviators can experience in the Ozarks through a network of backcountry air strips in Northwest Arkansas. FLY OZ™ acts as a source of information to help pilots plan their trips in and to the region, including finding places to stay, airstrips to land at, activities to take part in, and flight instruction classes to take. Aviators can seek this assistance at no cost as part of the FLY OZ™ mission to help create memorable aviation experiences in Northwest Arkansas.

OZ Trails™ is an accessible network of shared-use trails throughout Northwest Arkansas. This network now contains more than 322 miles of natural-surface trails with this number increasing on a weekly basis. This globally recognized brand represents an innovative network for mountain bikers, gravel riders, runners, and outdoor adventurers. Additionally, OZ Trails™ engages in and with the Northwest Arkansas community through involvement in local events and promotes accessibility of local trails for all ages and skill levels.

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OZ Art NWA™ elevates the regional arts scene by amplifying the work of local arts organizations and sharing a growing Collection on view in surprising public places throughout Bentonville and beyond. The Collection includes more than 400 works spanning a variety of media and forms, including murals, outdoor installations, sculptures, paintings, and drawings, that celebrate contemporary voices speaking to issues such as diversity, gender equality, and racial equity.

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Building off the amazing success of OZ Trails for mountain biking, OZ Gravel™ provides a place for gravel riders to learn about new routes, build their skill sets, and share their experiences.  Locals know these sinuous gravel ribbons that flow through the hills and hollers also offer endless adventures on foot, bike, and horseback. OZ Gravel™, where we believe safety and adventure go hand in hand, creating unique connections to the rural parts of our state.

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New Brand Celebrates Fastest-Growing Segment of Cycling

New Brand Celebrates Fastest-Growing Segment of Cycling

Today OZ Brands announced the launch of OZ Gravel, a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting the rapidly growing gravel cycling scene in Northwest Arkansas. The launch includes a website, OZGravelNWA.com, as well as social communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.

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